Coming soon HTML template Coming soon HTML template

How To Setup Coming Soon Template

Coming soon page or under construction website templates is the important key for business company or organization when they purchased a domain, but they have not started the development website yet, so coming soon page or under construction very primary option for temporary use. It is very useful if you intend to launch a new application or online projects because it inform your potential readers that you are working on something.

We are happy to present you our Coming Soon template. Included in the template is a countdown timer, subscription form for newsletter and company details. Comming soon tempalte is easy to customize and is compatible with most modern browser.

Setup Countdown

Our coming soon template use jQuery countdown plugin for countdown timer. You can simply setup countdown timer declaration in /js/app.js  and replace date with your date time value.
     date: '05/17/2016 9:00:00',
     offset: +10
}, function() {
    //This can define what happening when timer ends.

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